2016 Juried Show Award Winners

PWS Award - First Place - "Reading the Coeur de Lion-Bath” by William McAllister

PWS Award - Second Place - "Can’t Get It Out of my Mind" by Larry Lombardo

PWS Award - Third Place - "Winter Morning" by William Perry

PWS President's Award - "Low Tide at Dunguaire" by Myhanh Bosse

PWS Award of Merit - “Summer Harvest" by Carmella Tuliszewski

Gibson Luckenbill RBC Wealth Management Award for Realism - "Tooled Up" by L.S. Eldridge

Gibson Luckenbill RBC Wealth Management Award For Non-Representational Painting - "Dramafications" by Jean Gill

Juror's Award - "Swift Flow" by Ann Pember

Baltimore Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Dorset Quarry Swim" by Philip Siebert

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Vermont Stream" by Thomas Schroeder

National Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "River Morning" by Z.L. Feng

PWS Creative Expression Award - "Twisted" by Janet Belich

PWS Excellence in Figure Award - "The Red Wheelbarrow" by Deb Watson

The Ron Schloyer Outstanding Watercolor Award - "Day After Valentine’s" by Ron Lent

The Dale Zeigler Watercolor Honorarium - "The Menemsha Striker" by Linda Young

Mildred Sands Kratz Excellence in Realism Award - "Loon Island Pool" by Karen Benco

West Charlton Frame Co. Award - "Scalliwags" by Elizabeth Oberman

Levine Enterprises (McDonalds) Award - "Antiquity in Blue" by Mel Lacki

Pomfret Group Award - "Lulu…Jump!" by Donna Berk Barlup

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Boss” by Setsuko Ohara

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Green and Gold” by Carol Pickle

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Almost There” by Arlene Ginsburg

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Wheels No. 2” by Kerk Hwang Lok

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “4H Cow” by Brenda Cretney

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Susquehanna Colliery” by James McFarlane

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Connellsville, PA” by Eileen Sudzina

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Tuscany Workout” by Charles Rouse

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Mouli Grater” by Denny Bond

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Circles and Squares II” by Frank Spino

Southwest Art Magazine Ad Award – “Stranger” by Ron Thurston

M. Graham & Co Watercolor Paints - "July Morning, Chester, Montana" by Joe Grubb

Savoir Faire Award - "The Brown Pelican" by Debra Kreiger

Winsor & Newton Co Watercolor Paints - "Sprong Spangled Banner" by Elizabeth Raynor

Jack Richeson Co.Gift Certificate - "BlueBerry Season" by Eric Miller

Jack Richeson Co.Gift Certificate - "Low Tide" by Richard Ressel

Jack Richeson Co.Gift Certificate - "Midway Crevasse" by John Bierly

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "Internet Java" by George Schoonover

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "Crabapple World" by Kathleen Giles

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "World Community Diversity" by Sally Lambrecht

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "It’s Toast" by Linda Buechting

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "Serenity" by Mick McAndrews

Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate - "Isabel" by Doug Lew

Golden Art Materials Gift Certificate - "Uncertainty - Sequel" by Christine Misencik-Bunn

Creative Catalyst Videos/Chroma Paints - "Rustic" by Howard Eberle


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