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2017 Juried Show Award Winners

PWS Award - First Place - "End of Summer” by William Vrscak

PWS Award - Second Place - "# 235" by Joann W. Hensel

PWS Award - Third Place - "Heading Home" by Yachiyo N. Beck

PWS Award - Fourth Place - "Morning Stroll to the Patch" by Brienne M. Brown

PWS Keystone Award - "Hopefully Helping" by Larry A. Lombardo

PWS President's Award - "The Protector" by Daniel W. Vangeli

PWS Award of Merit - “The Spirit of Madrid 2" by Jansen Chow

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Midsummer Sunrise” by Anna Bellenger

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “A Measured Response” by L.S. Eldridge

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Practice Prep 1” by Nancy L. Galloway

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Squatters” by Marilyn Johanson

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Deep Down under” by Dongfeng Li

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Cha Cha Cha” by William McAllister

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Cold Storage” by Mick McAndrews

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Yard Work” by Robert Mesrop

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Piazza San Marco, Venice” by Hank Pulkowski

PWS Award – Honorable Mention – “Flatiron, NY” by Radhika Srinivas

Red Rose Investment Group Award for Realism - "Warmth of the Cold" by Glenn Blue

Red Rose Investment Group Award For Non-Representational Painting - "Fantasy II" by Denise Athanas

Juror's Award - "Barn Cats" by Thomas D Schroeder

Baltimore Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Sea Kayakers" by Gayle Cooley

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Old Growth" by Alexis J. Lavine

National Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award - "Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails" by Ona Kingdon

PWS Creative Expression Award - "Hercules Power" by Patrick Varriano

PWS Excellence in Figure Award - "See Us In Our Shadow" by J.M. Littleton

The Ron Schloyer Outstanding Watercolor Award - "Oranges and Blueberries" by Chris M. Krupinski

The Dale Zeigler Watercolor Honorarium - "Drone View" by Philip C. Siebert

Mildred Sands Kratz Excellence in Realism Award - "River Traffic, Pittsburgh" by Thomas Bucci

Friends of PWS - Glenn Blue, Landscape in Watercolor Award - "Snow Covered" by William Perry

Friends of PWS - Karen and George Frattali- Contemporary Realism Award - "Liquid Sunshine" by John Bierley

Friends of PWS - Kass Morin Freeman- Memorial to Barbara Whyte Award - "If I Can Make It" by Jorge Leon

Friends of PWS - Mick and Becky McAndrews-Traditional Watercolor Award - "3 Blueberries" by Ben W. Hughes

Friends of PWS - John and Virginia Walker- Memorial to our Parents Award - "Gulf Harbor" by Bill Bailey

Friends of PWS - Linda Young and John Pitman - "Deep End" by Catherine O'Neill

Friends of PWS - Joann Hensel - "From Sweden With Love" by Vicki Renn

Merchandise Award - "Silver Harvest" by Deborah A. Ward

Merchandise Award - "Cathedral on Girard" by Joseph R. Grubb

Merchandise Award - "Going Home" by Chin Chian Lee

Merchandise Award - "Bruges" by Mary McGlone

Merchandise Award - "Dawn's Light" by Kerri Evert

Merchandise Award - "Almost There" by Debra K. Kreiger

Merchandise Award - "Lemoncello" by Carmella M. Tuliszewski

Merchandise Award - "Jungle Boy" by Doug Lew

Merchandise Award - "Andy" by Tim P. Swartz

Merchandise Award - "What a Riot!" by Shirley R. Klleppe

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