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2016 Member Show All Entries

4 Park by Maryann Burton-18 x20-2400.00

A Day Well Spent by Mary Em McGlone-9 x 12-195.00

A Day's Catch of Lobster by Don Whitesel-14 x 20-525.00

A Good Read by David Beale- 14 x 11-350.00

A Little Boys Dream by Karen Frattali-30 x 23-800.00

A Long View by Gayle Cooley-11 x 29-1075.00

A Sunrise Pottery Show by Linda Young-11 x 15-395.00

Acadia Lighthouse by Elizabeth Shively-9 x 12-100.00

Aerail Impressions by Glenn Blue-30 x 30-NFS

Afterglow by Kathyann Finch-12 x 11-200.00

Alaskan Miners Shack by Kent Roberts-22 x 26-NFS

Alexander Bridge by John W Walker-14.5 x 21.5-NFS

Along the Low Road by Mary Bliley-9 x 12-125.00

Alternate Side of the Street Parking by Maryann Burton-18 x 24-NFS

Amber Waves by Lynn Millar-11 x 15-350.00

American Beauty by Terry Freemark-11 x 15-NFS

An Eye on Fashion by Rodney Cook-15 x 15-595.00

Ancient Vessels by Linda Young-11 x 15-395.00

Anthracite Fire Co. II by Mark Sassani-30 x 36-1200.00

Antique Lace by Lynn Millar-11 x 30-700.00

Aquere by James T Davis-18 x 12-750.00

Asleep in the Sun by William Perry-36 x 29-NFS

Assisi Guardian by Kim Minichiello-22 x 24-NFS

Autumn in the Pond by Debra Kreiger-8 x 11-600.00

Awakening II by Doris Davis-Glackin-14 x 19-NFS

Back Home by Yun Charm Leung - 37 x 53 - NFS

Back to the Camp by Mark Sassani-14 x 18-425.00

Backcountry Glade by Jill Poyerd-16 x 25-1300.00

Baking Bread Morocco by Elizabeth Shively-9 x 12-NFS

Barn Boots by Jessie Vaughn-20 x 30-1200.00

Barn Window by Thomas Schroeder-20 x 16-2200.00

Barrel Racer by Brenda Cretney-13 x 17-NFS

Beach Puddle by Susanna Anastasia-20 x 24-NFS

Beneath the Sea by Eileen Sudzina-19 x 25-300.00

Between Shows by Dennis Millar-16 x 12-625.00

Birdland by Brenda L Bechtel-10 x 14-NFS

Blue Bowl by Diana Hosley Burchfield-9 x 12-500.00

Boothbay Harbor Cabin by Philip Siebert-14 x 21-NFS

Bourbon Street Encounter by Kim Minichiello-29 x 17-NFS

Breaking Waves by Mary Em McGlone-9 x 12-175.00

Brown Green by Susan Harper-30 x 22-2000.00

Candy Canes by Peg Panasiti-16 x 20-250.00

Cara's Choice by Judy Mercer-19 x 23-NFS

Cattleya Orchids by Susan Shaffer-11 x 14-275.00

Chestnut Burr by Mary Miller-11x14-NFS

Child On Beach by Ryan Fox-15 x 22-NFS

China Dolls and Parasols by Natalie Smythe-23 x 17.5-3500.00

Chinese Lanterns by Don Taylor-30 x 19-NFS

Cigarette by Setsuko Ohara-20 x 15-1000.00

City Stroll by Eileen Sudzina-20 x 26-300.00

Clematis by Lisa Darrow-Eagleberger-10 x 13-225.00

Cobalt Reflection by Keith Hunter-22 x 30-1000.00

Color Vitality by Barbara Bickford-8.75 x 11.25-300.00

Colorado Squirrel by Robbie Fitzpatrick-18 x 24-NFS

Cotton Tail by Ed Baumlin-29 x 20-NFS

Coup de Foudre by Nancy Lee Galloway-22 x 22-1500.00

Crazy Gold by Susan Harper-30 x 22-2000.00

Creekside by Cheryl Schlenker-14 by 9-NFS

Curiosity by Ed Baumlin-25 x 11-750.00

Cypress Creek Sunrise No 1 by Virgil Carter-15 x 22-NFS

Darby by Connie Clutter-14 x 16-NFS

Darby by Karen Riedy-15 x 22-800.00

Day Break by Sidra Kaluszka-15 x 21-NFS

Daylilies at Kuerner's Farm by Bruce Poulterer-18 x 20-NFS

Days Catch by Robert Heyer-18 x 27-2100.00

Debbie's Quilt by Karen Frattali-28 x 39-2000.00

Derelict by Annie Strack-12 x 12-NFS

Desert Flower South Africa by Angela Reed Breese-24 x 20-750.00

Determination 1 by Anne Belson-7.5 x 5-NFS

Dwarfed II by Arlene Ginsburg-28 x 21-NFS

Early Dinner by Cheryl Elmo-31 x 23-1800.00

Eight Over Eight by E. Craig Marcin-27 x 24-NFS

Emma by Rachel Griffin-21 x 14-NFS

Essential Oils by Denny Bond-27 x 17-3000.00

Evening Read by Beverly Hammerman-22 x 30-1500.00

Fall is Poplar by Jessie Vaughn-36 x 24-500.00

Fantasy by Denise Athanas-30 x 22-3800.00

Flying Kites by John James-22 x 16-800.00

For Sale by Eric Miller-10 x 13-350.00

Forest Path by Kristin Woodward-27 x 21-1600.00

Forget the Heat by R. Mike Nichols-14 x 19_NFS

Fresh Cut Roses by Chihiro Yabe-16 x 20-NFS

From Major to Minor by Ona Kingdon-16 x 26-NFS

Garden Trophies by Roc Prologo-24 x 20-850.00

Gateway by Kristin Woodward-12 x 18-525.00

Gator Reflections by Sandi Hanlon Breuer-18 x 2-NFS

Gators by Don Taylor-22 x 30-NFS

George by Tim Swartz-14.5 x 21.5-NFS

Glen Light 2 by John Bierley_29x23_NFS

Goddess of Speed by Ann Hart-12 x 12-NFS

Golden Girl by Nancy Lee Galloway-22 x 22-1200.00

Grand Central Station by Jon A Peterson-29 x 40.5-NFS

Grande Dame by Allan Forrest Small-20 x 28-1750.00

Granite Worker's Statue by Roc Prologo-20 x 25-850.00

Guardian of Luck by Ann Hart-7 x 13-NFS

Hannah's Window by Debra Kreiger-9 x 7-500.00

Hawaiian Morning by Patricia Herlihy-10 x 14-700.00

He's Pausing in the Pods(Yucca) by Vicki Renn-15 x 10-NFS

Homestead by Barbara O'Neill-7.5 x 9.5-250.00

Homeward Bound by Jeanne R. Johnson-21 x 27-NFS

Ida and Mom by Setsuko Ohara-20 x 15-1000.00

Illusions by R. Mike Nichols-17 x 23-NFS

Image du Monde Flottant 8 by Dominique Yves Agnellet-13 x 19-NFS

In Sync by Barbara Bickford-14 x 18-300.00

It's Just a Matter of Time by Linda Benton McCloskey-30 x 22-850.00

iTunes by Laura Poss-14 x 10-NFS

Jane Goodal by Noah Kinigstein-22 x 30-2750.00

Jersey Shore by Susanna Anastasia-16 x 20-NFS

Jubilee by Jane deGruchy-11 x 14-NFS

Jump by Elizabeth Gibson-6 x 12-100.00

Kuerner Farm by Donald Leong-20 x 13-700.00

Last Day of Summer by Beverly Hammerman-30 x 22-2000.00

Last Mile...Almost Home by Chris Misencik-Bunn-15 x 12-NFS

Late Afternoon by Richard Ressel-6 x 8-NFS

Leadbelly by Noah Kinigstein-22 x 30-2250.00

Les Fleurs by Diana Hosley Burchfield-9 x 12-500.00

Letters to Remember Blue Line by John James-17 x 23-850.00

Like Stars Across the Sky by Linda Benton McCloskey-30 x 22-850.00

Lina - Einstein's Joy by David Beale-36 x 28-1250.00

Local Plumbers by John W Walker-14.25 x 21.75-NFS

Long Barn, Fench Glen by Ron Raasch-14 x 20- 400.00

Lost by Connie Clutter-12 x 20-NFS

Love Makes the World Go Round by Ona Kingdon-21 x 31-NFS

Machu Picchu Incan Ruins by Ryan Fox-15 x 22-1300.00

Maine Boat Ashore by Charlotte Mehosky-8.25 x 10.50-125.00

Maize Corn by Susan Keith-19 x 35-750.00

Marcel's Boys by James T Davis-18 x 12-NFS

Marie-Madeleine by Donna Berk Barlup-21 x 14-800.00

Marina Moorings by Mary Bliley-15 x 11-270.00

Marsh with Egret by Charlotte Mehosky-8.50 x 10.50-125.00

Meadow at Twilight by Patricia Herlihy-8 x 11-NFS

Memories of Andrew Wyeth by Bruce Poulterer-20 34-NFS

Merrily Merrily Merrily by Linda Buechting-12.5 x 20-400.00

Metlife by Maryann Burton-15 x 20-1800.00

Midnight in Tangier by Angela Reed Breese-20 x 16-750.00

Minuet(Yucca) by Vicki Renn-15 x 10-NFS

Mission by Gloria Baker-21 x 29-2500.00

Morning Creek by Z. L. Feng-30 x 22-1600.00

Morning Glories by Jon A. Peterson-12 x 16-NFS

Morning Song No.7 by Kerk Hwang Lok-22 x 22-NFS

Motorcycle Junkyard by Thomas Schroeder-19.5 x 14.5-1800.00

Mountain Man by Z. L. Feng-29 x 21-NFS

Music Festival Arles by Donna Jill Witty-28 x 19-1500.00

My Turn by Kathy Michels-20 x 16-250.00

Napa Silverado Late Day by Ann DeLaurentis-7 x 10-NFS

Night Descends on Anglers by Mick McAndrews-15 x 22-1000.00

Nine to Five by Dena Shepherd-25 x 19-700.00

No Standing by Charles Rouse-29 x 21-3500.00

NYC-Cabulous Laurie Goldstein-Warren-30 x 22-NFS

Oil City RR Bridge by Patrick Varriano-14 x 20-700.00

Old Dozer by Ron Raasch-9 x 12-230.00

Once Upon A Time by Denny Bond-30 x 24.75-NFS

Opening Night by Joyce Love-15 x 20-870.00

Our Koi by Kathyann Finch-24 x 20-800.00

Out of the Rain by Arlene Ginsburg-19 x 25-NFS

Palmetto Bay Towards Harbor Town by Gayle Cooley-7.5 x 14-395.00

Parson's Beach by Frank Webb-15 x 22-1000.00

past and Present Quarterbacks by Brenda Cretney-23 x 20-NFS

Pause in the Process by Robbie Fitzpatrick-11 x 17-NFS

Peonies by Beverly Abel-21 x 29-1200.00

Philly Fan by Dana Bellis-16 x 22-NFS

Pick Up Sticks by Toni Elkins-16 x 22-900.00

Pipe Dreams by Natalie Smythe-15.5 x 11.5-1800.00

Playthings by Bertie Brown-17 x 21.5-NFS

Pocono Creek by Joyce Love-9 x 12-190.00

Promises by Karen Riedy-12 x 16-600.00

Purple Bearded Iris by Lisa Darrow-Eagleberger-17 x 12-210.00

Purple Passion Iris by Susan Shaffer-11 x 14-NFS

Radish Reflections by Sandi Hanlon Breuer-22 x 30-1400.00

Rain by Barbara O'Neill-12.5 x 9.5-375.00

Red Dinghy by Annie Strack-14 x 20-195.00

Red Hen by Cheryl Schlenker-10 by 14-250.00

Retirement Home by Eric Miller-12 x 12-350.00

Riley by Mary Miller-11 x 14-NFS

Ripples by Carmella Tuliszewski-31 x 34-1800.00

Roller Skates by Christine Alfery 20 x 60-3200.00

Screening Room by Dena Shepherd-21 x 29-700.00

Security by Chris Misencik-Bunn-15 x 12-NFS

See Me in All My Glory by J. M. Littleton-20 x 28-5500.00

Serenity by Kerk Hwang Lok-11 x 15-NFS

Sheep Out to Lunch by Mimi Barclay Johnson-15 x 11-NFS

Shell Shock by Judy Mercer-25 x 31-1200.00

Sidewalk Games II-Marbles by Anna Bellenger-35 x 27-NFS

Sidewalk Games IV-Only Game Birds Can Play by Anna Bellenger-28 x 26-NFS

Snowbound by Allan Forrest Small-14 x 18-1075.00

Something Old Something New by Brenda Kidera-41 x 29-3200.00

Southeast Lighthouse, Block Island by Mick McAndrews-15 x 22-1000.00

Spring Flower Market by Lena Thynell-11 x 14-450.00

Stalactite by Carol Staub-30 x 22-2500.00

Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth by Irene Dobson-14 x 21-400.00

Summer is for Sailboats by Laura Poss-14 x 10-600.00

Sun on Highland Trail by John Bierley-31x22-NFS

Sunday Morning by Donna Berk Barlup-16 x 21-800.00

Sunny Train by Hank Buffington-11 x 15-800.00

Surfer Dude by Elizabeth Oberman-13 x 19-NFS

Sycamore Valley by Jill Poyerd-22 x 16-NFS

Take a Break by Yun Charm Leung-57 x 57-NFS

Ten Gallon Hat by Amy Schade-22 x 30-NFS

The Blues by Rachel Griffin-20 x 13-250.00

The Bud Truck by Diane Cannon-20 x 15-1700.00

The Catch by Carmella Tuliszewski-15 x 30-1200.00

The Chicken Coop by Jane Ruth Liebman-16 x 20-NFS

The City That Never Sleeps by Laurie Goldstein-Warren-30 x 22-NFS

The Horse Talker by George Schoonover-26 x 34-3500.00

The Kuerner Farmhouse by Don Whitesel-14 x 20-550.00

The Rooster by Jane Ruth Liebman-16 x 20-NFS

The Taste of Summer by Elizabeth Oberman-13 x 19-NFS

The White Boa, LA by Rodney Cook-15 x 15-595.00

Through The Hole in the Trees by Virgil Carter-11 x 15-NFS

Time to Say Goodbye by Toni Elkins-27 x 19.5-900.00

Tio's Flower by Charles Rouse-26 x 32-NFS

Tokyo Sunset by Dominique Yves Agnellet-11 x 16-NFS

Tortilla Hunters by Susan Keith-24 x 30-700.00

Traveling Along Grings Hill Rd by Jane deGruchy-8 x 18-NFS

Trip to the Beach by Christine Alfery- 20 x 60-3200.00

Tucquan Glen by Glenn Blue-18 x 22- NFS

Turnings by Jean K. Gill-22 x 30-NFS

Two Canaries by Dennis Millar-16 x 12-325.00

Uncommon Place Wild Cherries Snail Shell by Sidra Kaluszka-15 x 11-NFS

Urban Decay by Doris Davis-Glackin-14.5 x 22-NFS

Virginia Beach Egrets by Mimi Barclay Johnson-15 x 11-NFS

Wagon Ride by Dana Bellis-24 x 13-NFS

Waiting Room by Cheryl Elmo-29 x 18-1800.00

Water Color by Keith Hunter-7 x 10-250.00

West 33rd by Maryann Burton-18 x 24-NFS

West Over Cherry by Ann DeLaurentis-15 x 19-NFS

When Pears Go Bad by Linda Buechting-16 x 24-NFS

Windover Farm by Lena Thynell-11 x 14-NFS

Winter Solstice by Carol Staub-48 x 36-4500.00

Wood County by Patrick Varriano-16 x 20-1000.00

Yellow Rain by Jean K. Gill-18 x 18-NFS

Young at Heart by Irene Dobson-14 x 21-400.00

Young Boy of Pakistan by Terry Freemark-11 x 15-500.00

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