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2018 Juried Show Award Winners

First Place - "609 Main" by Ron Thurston

Second Place - "Rails Thru Wests Newton" by Eileen Sudzina

Third Place - "Ponderance" by Chris Misencik-Bunn

Fourth Place - "Pomegranates and Grapes on a Quilt" by Chris Krupinski

Keystone Award - "Tribeca" by Arlene Ginsburg

PWS President's Award - "Watching TV" by R. Mike Nichols

Award of Merit - "The Portrait" by Lois Ward-Wolford

Honorable Mention - "Washes of the West" by Glenn Blue

Honorable Mention - "Good Morning New Jersey" by Thomas Bucci

Honorable Mention - "Venice 2" by Jansen Chow

Honorable Mention - "A Little Sunshone" by Jacqueline Clark

Honorable Mention - "Sun Washed Sea Shells" by Ardythe Jolliff

Honorable Mention - "Bite Sized" by Alexis Lavine

Honorable Mention - "Autumn on Princess Run Creek" by Ron Lent

Honorable Mention - "A Walk in the Woods" by Robert Mesrop

Honorable Mention - "Capturing the Moment" by Pamela Price

Honorable Mention - "The Bakery" by April Rimpo

Red Rose Investment Group Award for Realism - "Blast Furance Hot Valves" by Carolyn Latanision

Red Rose Investment Group Award for Non-Representational - "The Climb" by Carol Staub

Juror's Award - "Orchard Beauties" by Eric Miller

Baltimore WaterColor Society Recipricol Award - "Steamed Crabs" by John Grinstead

Philadelphia WaterColor Society Recipricol Award - "On the Interstate" by Elaine Nunnally

National WaterColor Society Recipricol Award - "Folds" by Janet Belich

Creative Expression Award - "Word on my Mind" by Barbara Yoerg

Excellence in Figure Award - "Billa in Turquiose" by Setsuko O'hara

Ron Schloyer Oustanding Watercolor Award - "Gaze" by Joanna Barnum

Dale Ziegler Watercolor Honorarium - "Summer Seasons End at Huletts Landing" by Philip Siebert

Mildred Sans Kratz Excellence in Realism Award - "Layers" by John Bierley

Friends of PWS - Karen and George Frattali Award for Contemporary Realism - "Curly-Q" by Jeannine Swartz

Friends of PWS - Kass Morin Freeman Memorial to Barbara Whyte Award - "Dockside" by C. Normart

Friends of PWS - Joann Hensel Award - "Good Company" by Catherine O'Neill

Friends of PWS - Mick and Becky McAndrews - Lawrence McAndrews Jr. Award - "Deer Crossing" by William Yrscak

Friends of PWS - John & Virginia Walker Memorial to our Parents Award - "Panning in Crow Creek" by Kent Roberts

Friends of PWS - Linda Young and John Pitman Award - "Romance (Central Park Lake, NYC)" by Sally Davies

Friends of PWS - Patricia Herlihy Award - "Big John" by Pat Wagner

Friends of PWS - Caryn Husowech - In Memory of a Fine Artist, Friend and Mentor, Dale Ziegler - "Ascetic" by Ashish Irap

Merchandise Award - Blick Art Materials - "Alone at Monk's" by Matthew Bird

Merchandise Award - Cheap Joe's Art Stuff - "Happiness" by Hong Shan

Merchandise Award - HK Holbein Inc - "Dropped" by Dena Shepherd

Merchandise Award - M. Graham and Co. - "From My Perspective" by Barbara Durbin

Merchandise Award - Winsor & Newton, Triarco Fine Arts, American Frame - "Pals" by E. Jane Stoddard

Merchandise Award - Jack Richeson & Co, Creative Catalyst, FW Media - "Italian Market" by Janet Milnazik

Merchandise Award - West Charlton Frame, Legion Paper - "Crossing Over" by Susannah Thomer

Merchandise Award - Jack Richeson & Co., Chroma Inc, FW Media - "Pears and Oranges" by Linda Buechting

Merchandise Award - Jack Richeson & Co., Guerilla Painter, LLC, Creative Catalyst - "Rooms to Rent" by Walt Costilow

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