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A Place in the Sun by Linda Young-11x15-$295

A Sense of Wonder by Bobbie Brown-29x21-NFS

A View from the Boat by Mary E. McGlone-9x12-$250

After the Storm by Barbara March-22x18-NFS

Afternoon at Anne's by Patricia Herlihy-17x11-NFS

Aloha from Maui by Ginny Schuster-16x20-NFS

American Pie by Karen Frattali-20x10-$1500

Appraising by Chandler Kissell-16x12-NFS

Approaching by Dennis Albetski-12x10-$750

Ascension #2 by Gloria Baker- 22x30- NFS

Autumn's Grace by Beverly Hammerman035x29-$2000

Awakening by Jill Poyerd-14x28-$1400

Backstreets Portofino by Shirley Kleppe-11x15-NFS

Barred Owl by Debra Kreiger-8.5x10-$500

BB King by Dorrie Rifkin-18x12-NFS

Berlin by Brenda Cretney-12x17-NFS

Big Mike's Tree by Patrick Mariano-17x13-700

Bill's Budgies by Dick Ressel-9.5x12.5-NFS

Bleeding Hearts by Ginny Schuster-11x14-NFS

Blue Bird Summer by John W. Walker-10 x 14-$350

Brass by Lynn Millar-16x17-$800

Breakers by Ed Baumlin-20x29-$1200

Brew by Denny Bond-27x35.75-$3800

Broken Silence by Sidra Kaluszka-17.5x12-NFS

Cacophony by Beverly Hammerman-22x30-$1500

Candy Apples by Brenda Cretney-18x12-NFS

Chesapeak City by Bruce Poulterer-12x24-$385

Dave's Buckboard by Patrick Varriano-13x19-$700

Death of a Dream by Alayne Abrahams-24x18-NFS

Easy Pickin by Eric Miller-10x7-NFS

Fallen by Dena Shepherd-22x28-NFS

Feeding Frenzy by Susan Shaffer-22x25-NFS

Fire Dance by Barbara Bickford-9.5x10.5-$250

Fire Glow by Joyce Durkin-15x22-NFS

Florida's Best by Peg Panasiti-11x15-$200

Follow the Dirt Road by Lena Thynell-11x14-$375

Fox Chase Farm by Mary E. McGlone-9x12-$275

Freehand Fireworks by Shirley Kleppe-15x22-NFS

Friends by Carol Lutenberg-20x14-$600

Frivelous Drive by Jorge Leon-13x19-$1800

Front Door at the Farm by Stephen Edwards-30x22-NFS

Frozen Food by Mick McAndrews-13x20-$1000

Gage Sawmill by Ron Raasch-11x14-$500

Galazy by Mary Bliley-11x15-$210

Garden Tangier by Angela Reed Breese-20x16-$450

Gaze into the Future by Jane DeGruchy-16x12-$275

Georgia Pacific Mill by Ron Raasch-12x12-$500

Harley Heritage by Don Taylor-30x22-NFS

Helleborus by Jane Wise-10.25x8.25-$300

Holy Palmer's Kiss by Dena Shepherd-33x41-$700

Hudson Mist by Thomas Bucci-11x15-NFS

Ida and Mum by Setsuko O'Hara-20x16-$1200

Iguana by Debra Kreiger-8x11.5-NFS

Illumination by Jill Poyerd-20x28-$1700

Image du Monde Flottant 7 by Dominique Vves Agnellet-10x16-NFS

Inattendu by Amy Schade-16x19-$800

Inner Self #3 by Toni Elkins-16x19-$950

Inner Self #4 by Toni Elkins-14x19-$1200

Into the Light by Mick McAndrews-20x13-$1000

Into the Rough by Cheryl Schlenker-26x28-$500

Intrinsic Factor by Jorge Leon-19x25-$2400

Islands by Christine Alfery-20x60-$1500

Italian Gardens, Kensington by Allan Butt-30x22-$2500

Joanne is the next Ben by Amy Schade-16x20-NFS

Key West Sunset by David Beale-12x9-$260

Kinderdyk by Don Taylor- 22x30-$1500

Ladies in Waiting by Francine Jones-15x12-$260

Lady in Red in Queens by Dorrie Rifkin- 16x12-$500.99

Late Winter Storm by Kathyann Finch-11x14-$250

Lavender Clematis by Anne crown-Cyr-17x21-$585

Lily Pond by Joyce Durkin-15x22-$495

Little Havana by David Beale-19x9-$260

Liviana 2 by Setsuko O'Hara-19x15-$1200

lotus blossom by Vicki Sullivan-9x12-$100

Magnolia by Vicki Sullivan-11x14-$125

Magnolia Spotlight by Elizabeth Burin-16x22-NFS

Main Street by Doris Davis-Glackin-14x20-NFS

Meadow by Christine Alfery-20x60-$1500

Memories by Karen Riedy-15x30-NFS

Men in Back by Catherine O'Neill-20x21-NFS

Mockingbird by Eric Miller-6x9-NFS

Morning by Anni Matsick-8x11-$1200

Morning Catch by Robert Heyer-18x27-$2100

Morning Solitude by Wendy Scheirer-15x22-$800

Moving Fast by Deb Watson-12x10-$450

Nature's Show by Carol Lutenber-20x14-$600

Northshore Reflections by Rodney Cook-15x15-$550

NYC Cabulous by Laurie Goldstein Warren- 30x22-NFS

Oasis by Angela Reed Breese-26x20-$450

Office Hours by Anni Matsick-11x9-NFS

Orange and Blue by Jane DeGruchy-10x14-$225

Palmetto Bay Docks by Gayle Cooley-14x8-NFS

Pathway in the Park by Diana Burchfield-15x19-$1500

Paul's Porch by Catherine O'Neill-20x24-NFS

Plums and Blue China by Sarah Bent-22x15-$1000

Purple Blooms by Sarah Bent-15x22-$1000

Quiet Cove by Patricia Neely- 10x14-NFS

Rain by Cheryl Elmo-16x12-1100

Reflections 1 by Chihiro Yabe-12x16-$950-

Reflections 2 by Chihiro Yabe-12x16-$950

Reflections on Rodeo Drive by Rodney Cook-15x15-$550

Reluctant Goddess by Pam Wenger-14x19-$600

Rick and Ade by William Perry-29x36-$1500

River Scene by Patricia Herlihy-10x14-NFS

Road Warriors by Charles Rouse-24x33-$6000

Room with a View by Kent Roberts-9x12-$150

Round the Bend by Virgil Carter-18x24-$1080

Sanibel Shells by Cheryl Elmo-19x13-$1500

See Me Nesting by Jennifer Littleton-7x7-$600

See Me Thinking by Jennifer Littleton-5.5x5.5-$600

Seen from the Train by Karen Riedy-15x30-$600

Serenity of a beautiful spring day by Frank Wengen-10x20-$985

ShinjukuRain by Dominique Yves Agnellet-10x16-NFS

Skull by Kent Roberts-12x9-$150.

Stars and Stripes by Karen Frattali-28x19-$2000

Still Life Celebration by Barbara March-34x26-NFS

Storm over the Sea by Gayle Cooley-9x14-NFS

Sun Pig by Frank Wengen-9.5x13-$535

Sunrise Breaker by John W. Walker-10.25 x 14.25-$250

Tales of Wheel #8 by Kerk Hwang Lok-22x30-NFS

Taste of Summer by Peg Panasiti-13x9-$300

The Coach by Roc Prologo-16x18-NFS

The Color of Water by Deena Ball-19x19-$650

The Natives are Happy by Brenda Bechtel-19x28-NFS

The Pizza Brigade by Charles Rouse-27x32-$6500

The Sage by William Perry-36x29-$1500

The Third Run by Deena Ball-23x17-$1100

The Tourist by Roc Prologo-16x18-NFS

Time Traveler by Pam Wenger- 20x12.5-$600

Transcendence by Laurie Goldstein Warren-40x28-NFS

Tropical Love #6 by Kerk Hwang Lok-15x22-NFS

Twilight Time by Virgil Carter- 22x15-$850

Two Chickens and a Guinea Hen by Thomas Bucci-11x15-$600

Valley Forge by Jane Wise-10x14-$325

View from the Field by Bruce Poulterer-16x20-NFS

Vivid Impact by Barbara Bickford-22x14-$400

Waiting for a Bite by Mary Bliley-11x15-$210

Water Reflections by Linda Young-11x15-NFS

Waterside by Cheryl Schlenker- 29x19-$500

West Barnstable Antiquity by Brenda Bechtel-20x29-NFS

West Over Cherry by Ann DeLaurentis-14x20-NFS

Windover Farm by Lena Thynell-11x14-NFS

Windswept by Deb Watson-20x28-NFS

Winter Sojourn by Stephen Edwards-22x30-NFS

Woodland Daisies by Wendy Scheirer-15x20-$500

Work Force by Lynn Millar-16x20-$800

Workers by Elizabeth Burin-16x23-$725

Yard Repair by Frank Webb-15x22-$600

Zebra & Bougainvillea by Anne Crown-Cyr-16x17-$485

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