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First Place - "Man From Jaimanitas" by Tony Armendariz

Second Place - "Grant Avenue Lanterns" by John Keepax

Third Place - "Gliding Through a Sunset" by Lorraine Watry

Fourth Place - "Morning Effect, Avebury" by John Bierly

Keystone Award - "Break From The Storm " by Brienne Brown

PWS President's Award - "Secluded" by Ann Pember

Award of Merit - "Gathering" by Jansen Chow

Honorable Mention - "Potential Poppers" by Janet Belich

Honorable Mention - "Blue Tatoo" by Jackey Dorsey

Honorable Mention - "Gone to Seed" by Dorothy Hoeschen

Honorable Mention - "The Colors of Varanasi" by Chiayee Lam

Honorable Mention - "Lyrical Marks No 2" by Carole Pickle


Honorable Mention - "Shakespeare in Paris" by Kris Preslan

Honorable Mention - "Digestive" by Alisa Shea

Honorable Mention - "Luminous Lisaianthus" by Jeannine Swartz

Honorable Mention - "Girls on a Mission" by Lois Wolford

Honorable Mention - "Truck Farmer" by William Vrscak

PWS Award for Outstanding Realism - "Another Grape Painting" by Chris Krupinski

PWS Award for Abstract Art - "Shelter" by Antoanetaa Georgieva

Juror's Award - "Caffeinated" by Denny Bond

Baltimore WaterColor Society Reciprical Award - "House Lights Up" by Catherine O'Neill

Philadelphia WaterColor Society Recipricol Award - "Takutski's (Grandmother's) Room" by Lupan Galvan

National WaterColor Society Recipricol Award - "Voice Of Freedom" by Suzanne Accetta

Creative Expression Award - "Within" by Fiel Patricio

Excellence in Figure Award - "Early Spring" by Joanna Barnum

Ron Schloyer Oustanding Watercolor Award - "The Swimmer" by Stacy Lund Levy

Dale Ziegler Watercolor Honorarium - "Spring Tea" by Deb Ward

Mildred Sans Kratz Excellence in Realism Award - "Canyonlands" by Joann Hensel

Friends of PWS -Helen Canfield Award - "Day is Done" by Stephen Edwards

Friends of PWS - John & Virginia Walker Memorial to our Parents Award - "Love Locks" by Ann Hart

Friends of PWS - Joan Hensel Realistic Landscape Award - "Farm Essence" by Frank Wengen

Friends of PWS - Linda Young and John Pitman Award - "Mine No. 2" by Frank Webb

Friends of PWS - Irene Dobson Watercolor Award - "Autumn in New York" by Jerry Gadd

Friends of PWS - Caryn Husowech - In Memory of Uncle Joe - "Rittenhouse Walk" by Glenn Blue

Merchandise Award - "Sunday Donuts" by Linda Buechting

Merchandise Award - "Cans of Color" by Darlene Ferrier

Merchandise Award - "Low Tide Shrimpers" by Jeff Ishikawa

Merchandise Award - "Catamarans" by Paul Sullivan

Merchandise Award - "First Snow" by Greg Hvasta

Merchandise Award - "Palm Reading" by Jean Gill

Merchandise Award - "A Long Road to Home" by Sally Heston

Merchandise Award - "Floaters" by Dena Shepherd

Merchandise Award - "Looking Up Main" by Thomas Bucci

Merchandise Award - "Wide Load in the Mist" by Elaine Nunnally

Merchandise Award - "Company is Coming" by Charlotte Mehosky

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