2019 Online Member Show

2019 Online Member Show

A Different Perspective By Bruce Poulterer 18x24 Price NFS

A Group Of Macs By Kathyann Finch 16x20 Price 225

A Moment In Times By Laura Poss 29x17 Price NFS

A Slice Of Life By Deb Watson 8x10 Price 300

A Sunrise Pottery Show By Linda Young Size 15x11 Price 250

Acadia By Bobbie Brown 22x30 Price NFS

Admiring Chihuly By Patricia Herlihy 10x14 Price 650

Adolescent Musings By Jan Lutz 13x12 Price NFS

Aerial 3 By Cheryl Schlenker 14x21 Price 650

Against A Wall By Connie Clutter 14x18 Price NFS

Airport By Sue Padalino 15x22 Price NFS

Alberta Falls By Mary Bliley 14x11 Price 250

Algebra By Carol Staub 20x26 Price 2500

All That Jazz By Robert Heyer 14x10 Price 1500

Amaryllis Red Lion By Albina P Herron 14x11 Price 800

Anguish By Joanna Barnum 22x26 Price 3500

Ants In The Pants By Shirley Kleppe 19x13 Price NFS

Anytown Usa By Thomas Bucci 12x18 Price NFS

Arboretum Dahlia By Diana Aliberti 16x20 Price 800

Are You Listening By Brenda Cretney 11x14 Price NFS

Atlantic Beach By Elizabeth Burin 11x15 Price 400

Autumn Sunset By Barbara March 18x22 Price NFS

Awaiting The Morning By Jennifer Martin 33x27 Price NFS

Bachman Run North End By Lisa Madenspacher 18x12 Price NFS

Back Country By Richard Flammer 10x12 Price NFS

Backyards By Cheryl Schlenker 14x21 Price 650

Bah Humbug By Ona Kingdon 17.5x12 Price NFS

Bali Koi I By Indira Cariappa 10x13 Price 550

Ballerina By Sharon Stratton 11x14 Price NFS

Barcelona Dragon By Michael Scherfen 19x28 Price 4500

Barn Across The Street By Brenda Cretney 14x20 Price 400

Battle Weary Ii By Don Taylor 22x15 Price 800

Bear Valley View By Glen Sabetto 23x18 Price 400

Bethlehem Steel Stacks And In Plant Rr By Bernie Tyler 35x26 Price NFS

Between A Rock And A Hard Place By Cynthia L Wilson 28x22 Price 1600

Birds Of A Feather Float Together By Patricia Wilt 12x17 Price NFS

Black Orpington Rooster By Albina P Herron 11x14 Price 650

Blaze By Joanna Barnum 15x22 Price 1900

Blue Door Nuthatch By Jessie Vaughn 10x17 Price 275

Blue Hair By Theresa Kubert 14x20 Price 400

Blue Heron On The Bonnechere By Cinda Kostyak 30x26 Price 525

Blue Like Jazz By Karen Riedy 11x15 Price 500

Blue X On Orange By John James 18x23 Price 1250

Blueblood By Laurie Goldsteinwarren 30x22 Price NFS

Boston Sewer By Scott Hartman 24x18 Price 1000

Botanical Snickers By Linda Buechting 13.5x20 Price NFS

Bridge By Sue Padalino 15x22 Price NFS

Bridgewalk By Elizabeth Burin 20x13 Price 600

Broad Street Philadelphia By Mick Mcandrews 22x15 Price NFS

Bugs And Butterflies By Susanna Anastasia 36x26 Price 300

Calling For Rain By Patricia Wilt 10x14 Price 450

Celestial5 By Carol Staub 30x22 Price 2500

Chanoyu Maiko By Kim Minichiello 32x20 Price NFS

Cherries Jubilee By Jean K Gill 22x30 Price NFS

Chesters Pond By Lisa Madenspacher 12x18 Price NFS

Codorus Clouds By Jerry Gadd 18x12 Price NFS

Cohiba Boneyard By Thomas Schroeder 19.5 X 26 Price 2200

Come One Come All By Eric Miller 11x15 Price 250

Cooper By Eileen Sudzina 22 X 30 Price NFS

Corner Coffee Shop By Zan Thompson 11.5x16.5 Price NFS

Country Church By Kathy Connelly 16x20 Price NFS

Crowded By Cheryl Elmo 22x26 Price 1200

Daybreak By Theresa Kubert 20x14 Price 350

Days End By Robert Heyer 15x22 Price 1800

Dew Drops By Jerry Gadd 8x10 Price NFS

Drydock Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda By Frank Wengen 17.5x7.5 Price 875

Early Spring Snow By Scott Hartman 26x20 Price 650

Eat Your Veggies By Glen Sabetto 20x28 Price 600

Egret By Terri Morse 16x20 Price NFS

Egrets At Lotus Pond By Mimi Barclay Johnson 14x20 Price NFS

Empowered By Sandra Smith 8.5x13.5 Price 450

Evening Gold By Susan Miller 13x9 Price 650

Fading Light By Bob Maurer 14x21 Price NFS

Fifth Avenue By Arlene Ginsburg 21x28 Price NFS

Finding Solitude By Don Whitesel 12x16 Price 465

First Snow By Edward Baumlin 16x20 Price 1500

First Snow By Setsuko Ohara 14x22 Price 950

Five Plates By Peg Panasiti 21x14 Price 300

Floral Melody By Don Whitesel 15x22 Price 550

Flowconuts By Jean K Gill 22x30 Price NFS

Free By Jan Lutz 14x11 Price NFS

From The Garden By Diana Hosley Burchfield 12x9 Price 750

Gateway Night Rider By Jessie Vaughn 24x35 Price 1000

Grant Street By Radhika Srinivas 21x15 Price 1400

Hill Country Abstract No 10 By Virgil Carter 22x15 Price 860

Hot $5.50 By Rachel Griffin 15x21 Price 500

Hot Jazz By Pamela Price 28x22 Price 550

Hounds On Patrol By Dean Harring 18x24 Price 500

Hurricane Kids By Laura Poss 14x21 Price NFS

I Am Looking At You By Angela Lacy 16x21 Price 700

Iguana By John W Walker 10.25x14 Price 89

In The Morning When We Rise By Cynthia L Wilson 28x22 Price NFS

In Your Eyes By Connie Clutter 17x14 Price 800

Jake By Phyllis Patterson 12x18 Price 450

Japenese Iris By Lurene Nakielny 22x30 Price 750

Jean In A Red Hat Waiting By Pam Wenger 24.5x17.5 Price 1500

Jelly Bread By Peg Panasiti 15x11 Price 200

Judy By Dean Harring 12x9 Price NFS

June Roses By Verena J Murvin 24 X19 Price NFS

Just Beat It By Denny Bond 18.5x28 Price 4000

Kayaking By Jane James 14x10 Price 400

Kuerners Tools By Radhika Srinivas 16x12 Price 700

La Petite Foret Enchantee 3 By Dominique Yves Agnellet 12x12 Price 600

La Petite Foret Enchantee 4 By Dominique Yves Agnellet 12x12 Price 600

Lady Her Pets By Susanna Anastasia 20x16 Price NFS

Last Day With Grandpa By Diana Aliberti 15x22 Price NFS

Late Afternoon By Mick Mcandrews 22x15 Price 1500

Little Artist In Repose By Stephen Edwards 29x19 Price 1000

Long Shadows In An Evening Woods By Stephen Edwards 22x30 Price 1200

Lost In Thought By Setsuko Ohara 15x20 Price 1400

Love Winter By Glenn Blue 22x19 Price NFS

Lucy Ann By Linda Buechting 30x22 Price NFS

Magic Tree By Jane James 14x10 Price 400

Magnolia Still Life By Matthew Bird 22x30 Price 6500

Manhattan Blues By Arlene Ginsburg 19x25 Price NFS

Maple Leaves By Sylvia Murdock 24x24 Price 600

Meet Higgins By Cinda Kostyak 22x23 Price NFS

Midnight Run By Gloria Baker 21x29 Price 3000

Misty Morning By Mary Bliley 11x14 Price 220

Morning Calls By Catherine Oneill 18x22 Price NFS

Morning Mountain By Z.L Feng 22x30 Price NFS

My Son By Eileen Sudzina 22 X30 Price NFS

Newport Boatyard By Robert Sussna 14x10 Price 1000

Night Fruit Seller By Teresa Cromwell 22x15 Price NFS

Not Abbey Road By Angela Lacy 20x27 Price 800

October Glory By Barbara March 18x22 Price NFS

Old Barn New Life By Vicki Renn 10x15 Price 800

Old Wheel By Teresa Cromwell 22x15 Price NFS

Only By Thomas Bucci 11x15 Price NFS

Orbs By Sidra Kaluszka 6.5x4 Price NFS

Orchids By Linda Young 12x9 Price 150

Pa Crude By Patrick Varriano 20x14 Price 800

Paigie By Lurene Nakielny 8x10 Price NFS

Persophene Dreaming By Brenda Kidera 24x24 Price 3950

Pikes Market Piano Man By Pam Wenger 22x25 Price 900

Playing Outside Ii By Christine Alfery 14x14 Price 800

Poetry By Candlelight By Donna Berk Barlup 12x16 Price NFS

Pompadour Pilates By George Schoonover 22x29 Price 3000

Poppies Peeking Through By Mimi Barclay Johnson 15x11 Price 525

Provincetown Window A Wathchful Eye By Brenda L Bechtel 21x15 Price 1260

Quality Control By Eric Miller 11x8 Price NFS

Raymond By William Perry 29x22 Price NFS

Raze And Fall By Susan Johnston 22x20 Price 625

Rebirth By Sidra Kaluszka 11.4x17.9 Price NFS

Red Barn By Edward Baumlin 13x20 Price 750

Red Cabbage By Kathyann Finch 12.5x14.5 Price 180

Reflections By Susan Miller 11x11 Price NFS

Reflections On An Autumn Night By Donna Berk Barlup 21x28.5 Price 1600

Remnents Of The Storm Hudson River At Bard College By Alix Travis 14x21 Price 375

Rise And Dine By Catherine Oneill 19x25 Price NFS

River Street Pubs By Zan Thompson 11.5 X 16.5 Price 570

Rockport By Bernie Tyler 20x22 Price NFS

Safe Harbor By Deena S Ball 10x14 Price NFS

Sai Kung Waterfront By Wai Ming Mingo Li 12x16 Price NFS

Sailing Still Life By Bob Maurer 14x21 Price 1200

See Me Through The Bamboo J M Littleton 8x10 Price 700

Serene Zambezi By Shirley Kleppe 10x16 Price NFS

Seven Am Calls By Lena Thynell 14x21 Price NFS

Shape And Color By Robert Bugden 12x16 Price 150

Shorebird With An Itch By Alex May 11x15 Price NFS

Sisters By Laurie Goldsteinwarren 30x22 Price 5000

Sisters On The Red Sofa By Cheryl Elmo 24x30 Price 2200

Snowy Stream By Sharon Stratton 8.5x11.5 Price NFS

Solitude On Southern By Sylvia Murdock 16x16 Price 400

Spooky By Richard Flammer 8x10 Price NFS

Spring Vigil By Susan Johnston 22x30 Price 1200

St Johns With Hydrangas By Alix Travis 22x33 Price 500

St Stephans Basilica By Don Taylor 30x22 Price 700

Stringing A Thought Yellow Green Red By John James 22x15 Price 1150

Summer Sisters By Mary Miller 11x14 Price 550.00

Sun Lit Castle By Todd Chalk 11x14 Price 750

Sunbath By Beverly Abel 20x14 Price 475

Sunday Afternoon In Lancaster By Kent Roberts 18x21 Price 600

Sunflowers By Beverly Abel 20x28 Price 950

Sunset At Fultons Farm By Patricia Herlihy 7x16 Price 450

Susan By Terri Morse 15x20 Price NFS

Swiss Guard By Michael Scherfen 34x14 Price 7500

The Asparagus Are Happy Chanticleer By Brenda L Bechtel 11x17 Price 1260

The Barn Cat By Indira Cariappa 12x16 Price 450

The Edward M Stowe By Frank Wengen 18x10 Price 875

The Flower Merchant By Matthew Bird 22x28 Price 6500

The Know It All By George Schoonover 21x29 Price 3000

The Old Smoke House By Lena Thynell 11x14 Price 600

The Road To River Rock By Vickie Dorsam 7x10 Price NFS

The Sea Goddess By Pamela Price 28x36 Price NFS

The Struggle By Deena S Ball 10x14 Price NFS

The Way To Windsor By Dena Shepherd 7x11 Price 175

Tiger By Deb Watson 8x10 Price 300

Train Shadows By Dena Shepherd 14x21 Price NFS

Trout On By Robert Bugden 22x15 Price 250

Twilight Time No2 By Virgil Carter 24x18 Price 1080

Two By Anni Matsick 18x13 Price NFS

Typewritering By Denny Bond 19x18.5 Price NFS

Union Street Shop By Robert Sussna 17x11 Price 2000

Violinist By Z.L Feng 28x22 Price NFS

Vulcan By Patrick Varriano 14x19 Price 975

Wagon For Sale By Richard Ressel 12x21 Price NFS

Waiting By Candace Naumowicz 9x12 Price 400

Welk Shell By Kathy Connelly 11x14 Price 200

Where Have All The Flowers Gone By Kathy Michels 23x18 Price 1200

Whose Woods Are These By Karen Riedy 11x8 Price 300

Wigo By Alex May 10x12 Price NFS

Winter Light By John W Walker 10.5x14.5 Price 75

Winter On Rittenhouse By Glenn Blue 22x19 Price NFS

Yacht Club Workshop By Wai Ming Mingo Li 11.5x16.5 Price NFS

Yellow Submarine By Christine Alfery 14x14 Price 800